I'm a freelance illustrator based in Bologna, Italy. Female characters enthusiast and chapter books lover; I have a deep passion for magic, nature and folklore.
I studied illustrationconcept art and character design in Florence and graduated in 2021 with honours. I'm now a skilled kidlit artist, with seven years of valuable experience in the marketing and events organization industry as visual designer. This unique blend of expertise has not only enriched my creative skills and perspectives but also honed my talent for effective teamwork and attention to detail.
I love flat shapes and warm colors, vector illustrations and I’m totally a sucker for mythology and magical creatures with flowers in their hair. I also adore villains, feathers and hybrid creatures.
My mission is to inspire, evoke emotion, and ignite the imagination.​​​​​​​
🌈 I am taking on new projects. If you want to say hi, please get in touch*!
🌱 *I’m represented by Natascha Morris from The Tobias Literary Agency
For all literary inquiries including picture books, covers, licensing, etc — please email natascha@thetobiasagency.com